Many of you know that I have started my photography business, Hand in Hand Photography. It all started to get a new camera. I have a mild huge obsession with the Nikon D3X and it would be horrible stewardship to spend our own money to buy it. So, how better to fund the object of my affection with the craft that it would be used for!

Well, the Lord kept pressing in that He wasn’t going to allow me to buy a new camera. I don’t know how many times I pestered Rachel with that fact. She knew more concretely than I that the Lord had bigger plans with my photography than just a camera.

You can imagine my confusion when business started backing up and now I am booked solid for four months! I have no professional experience but the Lord is supplying clients in abundance.


I cried out last night, to no one in particular, “Photography is fun but WHY am I doing this?” No one answered.

This morning, I was asking the Lord what He wanted to do with the money. My first thought was to just give it all away. That didn’t sit right with my heart. Then the Lord gave me a vision of a beautiful Congolese girl. She was perfect and she was mine.

I immediately text Mike what the Lord had shown me.

When Mike came home, he told me that the Lord also gave him a vision two days before. A conviction that we needed to be generous to the Congo. To the women there. To a woman there.

To our little girl, Talitha.

So, here I begin a mission the Lord put me on six months ago. To bring Talitha home. When you book Hand in Hand Photography, 100% of the proceeds will go towards bringing our daughter home.

If you’d like to help and donate to bring Talitha home, we’ve set up a paypal account up under